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      The sport of sailboat racing is governed by the International Sailing Federation (or ISAF, formerly the International Yacht Racing Union or IYRU). Every four years the ISAF adopts a revised rulebook that includes the rules that determine how sailboat races are conducted. This Guide explains the "right of way" rules in Part 2 - When Boats Meet in the most recent version of such rulebook, The Racing Rules of Sailing for 1997-2000 (the 1997-2000 Rules or RRS). The 1997-2000 Rules apply to sailboat races held after March 31, 1997. A copy of the complete text of the 1997-2000 Rules can be found at the ISAF Web site. You should buy an official printed copy of the rulebook as published by your National Authority or the ISAF.

      The 1997-2000 Rules cover many aspects of how a sailboat race is to be conducted. Most importantly, they determine how boats must act when they meet one another on the race course, the so-called "right of way rules." Whether you have been racing sailboats for years or have only recently joined the sport you need to know and understand the "right of way" rules that apply when two or more boats meet.

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First Edition, March 1997
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