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Racing Rules of Sailing     Please note that the Racing Rules of Sailing for 1997-2000 have been copyrighted by the International Sailing Federation and the quotation of parts of those rules on this site does not imply any waiver by the ISAF of its rights therein.

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  • Print out and post or distribute any of my Web pages to other sailors (or yacht club members) provided you don't charge a fee (in other words, feel free to distribute at club-sponsored seminars and other events)

    I have previously given permission to some clubs to reprint the Rules Quizes in their club newsletters and expect to give similar approval in the future but I want to know about it before I give permission so e-mail me at

    What I specifically don't want is for the materials (either text, graphics or printouts of any pages) to be used by commercial seminar providers or incorporated into other Web sites unless I give my specific permission. I don't consider a "nominal" charge at yacht club sponsored seminars to fall into this category but if you are not sure feel free to contact me.